The Team

Our core team, Dave Carman, David Eve, Mark Gaffney and Tom Harvey met volunteering at Kent Enterprise Trust in 2012.  We developed Harvey Woods Gardening from the customer base of their gardening project which closed at the end of that year.  We have grown steadily in terms of the number of customers and range of projects we do since then. In June 2016, we became a Worker Co-operative.

Tom Harvey

Harvey Woods Gardening local independent gardening services at reasonable rates

I have a lifelong love of nature and after 15 years in English language training (mostly in the Middle East) I took up gardening professionally when I returned to the UK in 2011. I was appointed Gardening Supervisor at Appleseed Landscapes in 2012 and when the Appleseed project ended in 2013, we were lucky enough to retain most of their customers. As many of our customers will confirm, I have a particular interest in wildlife gardening and I am constantly on the look out for ways we can encourage wildlife to enjoy our gardens with us!

Mark Gaffney

I met Tom and Dave in 2012 when we were all volunteering at Hambrook Marshes in Canterbury. I’ve always been passionate about nature and gardening. I found out at a young age that I enjoyed working outside and doing gardening, as I could always be found in my nan’s garden with a spade digging and planting her new plants. In later years it became a general monthly clearance and maintenance job for pocket money. Since then I have done volunteering at Hambrook Marshes and learned new skills and my passion for working outside in nature just continued to grow.

Eva Gottschalk

Eva joined us in March 2017 from Grunstadt in southern Germany.

She contacted us in January asking if we had any vacancies which of course we did having lost Dave quite suddenly in November!

Eva has completed a two-year gardening apprenticeship in Germany and Switzerland quite recently and begins a full university course in landscaping and horticulture in October so we feel very fortunate that she contacted us!

Dave CarmanDave

I first discovered my love for gardening soon after I finished school, being introduced to a gardening company by an old friend, almost immediately I realised outside is where I want to work.

He gave me a job for a couple of months, then I moved on to volunteering for Appleseed Landscapes where we kept customer gardens tidy as well as growing fruit and veg in their Community Garden.  When Appleseed Landscapes closed in 2012, Tom, David, Mark and I built up Harvey Woods Gardening which became a ‘Worker Co-operative’ in 2016.

I moved to Wiltshire in November 2016 and now run

David Quince - websitejpegDavid Eve

Having worked in Recruitment Media Copywriting for over 20 years, I was gradually drawn back into my love of gardening and started volunteering for Appleseed Landscapes in 2012 where I met Tom. I have done a range of horticultural courses and workshops and have a particular interest in developing my skills in hard landscaping.

David retired in 2015 but we keep in touch and see him regularly.

Michael Woodsmick

Michael is the ‘Woods’ of Harvey Woods Gardening.  He is a wildlife artist with lots of experience of plants, animals and nature in general.  He helps out with specialist areas every now and then such as pond repair and chainsaw work.  You can see examples of his work at

Julie Murray-Smith

silversandsjmsJulie is also an artist and she helps us with some of our garden designs and marketing design such as our logo, our project portfolio, website design, leaflets etc.  You can see examples of her work at



We have a full range of heavy duty petrol tools as well as specialist tools for more demanding work. Our tools include:

  • Renault Trafic Sport SWB van
  • Two heavy duty petrol mowersSylvia Badge
  • Two heavy duty petrol strimmers
  • Petrol cultivator
  • Petrol chainsaw and Lantra Chainsaw Certification
  • Wildflower Turf Accreditation
  • Angle Grinder and specialist carpentry tools
  • Specialist tools for fruit tree pruning, pond creation and renovation, hedge trimming etc.