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  1. A fantastic job and excellent service with photos to boot! The one close to the house looks very elegant. Many thanks and we look forward to seeing them in the flesh!

  2. Hi Tom, it is looking lovely and tidy so thanks for all your hard work. I’ll look forward to hearing ideas for the gaps and also I think mentioned previously any ideas to make the beds in the back look better would be welcome please? Thanks so much.

  3. Good Morning Tom, Many Thanks for the work, it does look lovely. It would be good to get all the work done as you see fit so don’t worry about spreading it out just carry on with your plans. Many Thanks.

  4. Thank you very much for your efforts today, I have just got back from work so I can’t admire your work but, Victoria says it looks great.

  5. Thank you so much for your time in dealing with the Japanese knotweed and sorting out the holly bushes – here’s hoping that they take this time around.

  6. I have some good news, my garden won a silver prize from the Wildlife Trust, all thanks to you and your colleagues. Very well done, let me know how I can communicate this in a way that helps you to advertise your success. And thanks very much!

  7. Having wasted a lot of time and money over the years with other gardening firms, I was delighted to be pointed in the direction of Harvey Woods. They took the initiative in turning round my garden whilst incorporating and improving, my own suggestions.

  8. I love it and have passed it on to all staff and the board of Trustees. I am thrilled that this is taking off and that you have given Dave Carmen a job. I look forward to the next installment of the growth and development of Harvey Woods Gardening.

  9. Just wanted to thank Dave again for his help with the clearing work in my large rural garden. He is a very hard and reliable worker, quite able to get on with jobs on his own. And he’s not put off by a bit of rain!

  10. Thanks Tom. You really cracked it (the herb garden) this year. I take home a tub of mint every week!

  11. That’s brilliant Tom. Thank you very much for clarifying. I’ll look forward to receiving the further invoices.

  12. We’re so pleased with the bog garden. We had visitors from America here last month who were very complimentary about all the flowers in bloom!

  13. Thank you for the photos, what a difference it has made to the borders. It looks so much better. Thank you.

  14. All the herbs and veg get used in my kitchen. The parsley has done really well. Way to many others to mention. It’s really nice to just pop out grab a bunch of fresh herbs and use them in whatever may be on the cooker. Many thanks.

  15. ….I arrived, heard your message on the phone, wondered where to put the Bay Tree, walked through the Dad’s garden gate and there it was! Lovely – and thanks for taking the decision away from me.

  16. The garden looks great & I am really pleased with what you have done so far. Thanks for your suggestions …

  17. I can see exactly why you were attracted to the bamboo: it does indeed have a stately, regal presence, and worth every penny in my opinion.

  18. The pure creativity of the day gave me a real buzz, even though the ideas and the hard work were all yours! I too will something make, and joy in the making.

  19. Dear Tom,

    Absolutely brilliant….I’ll send you the first works order to cover the 2 hours in January…other visits I will leave to you, and then we’ll pay on invoice from the rental account.

    December 2014

  20. “Very grateful to you all for keeping the front garden looking so tidy whilst the house is empty”

    December 2014

  21. Hi Tom
    I have settled the outstanding amount. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    I will be in contact next month to come and sort my new garden if you are still interested.

    Kind regards

    December 2014

  22. Dear Tom

    Many thanks for your email.

    I had a very good Christmas and New Year thank you. I hope you did too! It seems a long time ago now!!

    The proposal for maintenance looks absolutely fine. Thank you for keeping the costs at the same price. The Trustees will want you to continue with the maintenance work, and therefore I would be grateful if you could continue your good work at the Almshouses.

    Many thanks.

  23. “I do agree, the gardens look fabulous. I made a visit to the Almshouses this morning, and even with this inclement weather they looked a picture. The ladies are all very pleased. Please pass on my thanks to the two David’s for all their efforts.”

    Customer in Whitstable – October 2015

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