What are your rates?

We charge between £17.50 to £25 an hour depending on the location and nature of the work involved. We also regularly quote for project work.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

We’d much prefer to arrange a brief visit for work that needs doing but if necessary we can give an estimate for specific work over the phone.

Do you remove garden waste?

Yes, we sometimes have to charge for removing large amounts of waste from a garden clearance job, for example but we’ll also advise on how you can compost your garden waste so it can be used to regenerate the soil.

Do you work with housing associations and community gardens?

Yes, we have a number of agreements with housing associations and we understand that there can be administration involved which we are happy to cooperate with. We do a brief quarterly report for all our regular maintenance customers (see Documentation page) which helps keep everyone up to date.

Do you work with estate and letting agents?

Yes, we work with several local agents and we’re happy to quote on maintenance and clearance/garden tidy projects.

Can you send us reports on the garden we are letting to tenants?

Yes, we keep owners regularly informed of how their gardens are developing through our quarterly maintenance reports, email (including photos), phone calls and post.

Do you do tree felling?

No, but we work with a very experienced tree surgeon for large tree felling. We will remove smaller trees and shrubs that don’t need a chainsaw and can be removed within our Health and Safety and Insurance policies.